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On the Clock: Business Continuity Real versus Technical RTO

by Team Virtiant, on Jan 25, 2018 12:06:05 PM

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As capacity and availability demands increase, the pressure to grow and architect a smarter virtualized infrastructure that will run uninterrupted through planned and unplanned IT downtime will be increasingly felt on a daily basis.

We have all had those days. You’re sitting in a room facing the blank stares of your lead technicians. The system was down, and they were able to bring the infrastructure back online within your Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Now there’s a bigger problem. One for which they have no solution. Your data is still being recovered, and all you can do is wait while your business loses precious revenue with each passing moment your end users are still waiting. Your business continuity plan is lagging. You are in the Data Availability Trap.

The Everyday Disaster

The challenge with most infrastructure DR plans is that they tend to focus on major failures, such as hurricanes and other natural disasters. Where they come up short is in their ability to handle the common everyday disasters.

According to research by the Aberdeen Group, natural disasters account for between 5- 10% of downtime. The other 90% is split almost evenly between network outages (50%) and the dreaded and unpredictable human error (45%). These “Everyday Disasters” require IT directors and managers to start thinking about taking a different approach to restoring true business continuity.

Obtaining Real RTO

Downtime is money. Aberdeen’s Research from 2016 suggests that the average hour of downtime can cost companies up to $160,000 an hour. Simply getting your infrastructure up and running, referred to as Technical RTO, does not truly meet the needs of a comprehensive business continuity plan. It certainly doesn’t slow the lost revenue meter from running either. To stop the bleeding you need to achieve Real RTO fast or at least failover fast while you work on achieving real RTO in your production environment.

Real RTO is the culmination of all the necessary steps from your DR Playbook that keeps your business online including infrastructure, network connectivity, and data restoration.  Most business continuity plans come up short with regards to the actual time it takes for rehydrating data, especially from offsite locations or through Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). The challenges of bandwidth, latency, network hops and even physical tape can all be factors to affect your ability to achieve Real RTO.

Get Your Business Up and Running

The ultimate goal of any business continuity plan is to get your business operations up and functional. You need to turn off the lost revenue meter and turn the revenue generator back on. You need a resilient methodology that spins up quickly providing full application and data services to end users while you work on achieving Real RTO. What you need is a Ready Five approach to IT Resilience and Disaster Recovery from Virtiant.

To achieve this approach it’s best to eliminate the need for multiple point solutions. Through the combination of virtual machine replication, backup storage, and disaster recovery, into a single stack, Virtiant gives you a standalone solution that runs independently of your existing infrastructure environment. With this approach you can achieve:

  • Effortless Run and Recovery through Hypervisor-based Replication
  • Simplified management of multiple BU/DR points with the ease of an all in one platform
  • Elastic and scalable architecture that provides the capacity and performance that your business demands
  • Flexible deployment options, local cloud or hybrid

Future-Proof Your IT Infrastructure

Your business depends on you to deliver applications and infrastructure faster than ever before. They depend on you to provide a scalable, modernized infrastructure. They also depend on you to keep everything up and running 24x7x365 with no exceptions. With all of these demands on your time, you need to take the worry out of business continuity. You need Virtiant’s Software Defined Disaster Recovery solution so you never have to face those blank stares again. Schedule a Demo

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