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Are you Reaching Storage Capacity? What SMBs Need to Know about Data Availability and Disaster Recovery

by Team Virtiant, on Feb 13, 2018 2:32:30 PM

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With all the challenges that small and medium-sized businesses need to deal with these days, big data is becoming an ever-increasing concern. Regardless of the industry, an SMB is in, they must realize that they are, at least at some level, a tech company. They must face the new reality of compiling and protecting their data which has quickly become the lifeblood of their business.

In a recent survey, data protection and recovery, as part of business continuity were listed as the number one concern for IT decision makers at SMBs.  The primary issue is that most SMBs cannot recover from a hardware failure in a short period of time. They live in a world where they must stop business, fix the issue and then get business back up and running. That stoppage in business is costing them, on average, somewhere between $8,000 and $74,000 an hour.

It’s time for SMBs to take a good hard look at how they can protect their data and their business with an integrated VMWare backup solution.

Understanding Downtime Causes

The first step in determining how VMWare backup can be a vital tool in your business continuity toolkit is to understand what really causes downtime for SMBs. While there are certainly large-scale disasters to be considered, it’s the everyday IT disaster that threatens your productivity. Typical causes are a hardware failure, malware attacks, faulty software patches and human error. These account for approximately 95% of all IT disruptions for SMBs.

Defending Yourself from Ransomware

To better illustrate this concept let’s take a look at a very real and present danger, Ransomware. This latest approach to cyber attacks has risen to prominence lately as the result of several successful data hijacks that were very costly to its victims. This particularly nasty form of malware does not discriminate either as several large and small businesses have fallen prey. It’s not a matter of if an SMB will be attacked but it’s a matter of when.

To fully protect yourself, you need more than just a sturdy cybersecurity defensive perimeter. You need a VMware backup solution that can allow you to get back to the secure state of your data just seconds before the ransomware attack. This allows you to clear your data of any of the damage the malware may have caused.

This can be accomplished by leveraging your instance of VMware vCenter and allowing a VMWare backup of your virtual machines to run continuously in the background. With this solution, you can continue to focus on taking care of your day-to-day production environment needs. Should any component of your primary infrastructure fall victim to a cyber attack, you can quickly spin-up and run your virtual machines, minimizing downtime and lost revenue.

The Ability to Grow as Your Business Grows

Lost revenue is not the only financial challenge facing SMBs and their IT managers. They must also be able to grow the business while maximizing their IT investment dollars. As your business grows so does the amount of data you need to store and the amount of backup storage you need to support business continuity.

Most SMBs struggle to effectively finance their primary production environment, much less have the excess funds to support fully redundant backup scenario. This is another opportunity for you to leverage VMWare backup as a cost-efficient solution to your ever-growing data storage needs.

An all in one solution that includes Hypervisor-based replication will allow you to Run and Recover your production environment by benefitting from:

  • continuous backup and replication of your virtual machines and critical data
  • achieve near-zero RTO with your critical business systems
  • minimize IT expenditures by leveraging licensing costs

Choose Your Optimal Configuration

Many companies aren’t even aware of the possibilities of being able to RUN your virtual infrastructure right in the middle of an IT disaster. Having downtime that lasts for days while the IT issues get resolved sets companies back by the unplanned time spent by your workforce, revenue lost and reputation damaged. However, with the right data recovery software, this doesn’t have to be the norm.

A local DR, cloud Dr or hybrid solution can give you immediate access to your files so work doesn’t have to be interrupted at all. Using a solution that backs up files instantly when a change is made will allow you to always be current and pick up right where you left off without interruption.

No matter what your role is in an organization, you need data availability at all times. You could be an employee, manager, owner or even a customer. Data and information need to be available 24/7/365 in order for your business to be able to run efficiently and effectively. But what happens if an everyday IT disaster strikes?

An IT disaster can come in many forms. While most people think only malicious malware and viruses cause major IT issues, even simple things like hardware failure, an incorrectly applied software patch or update or even an innocent human error could result in an IT disaster.

Overcoming these everyday IT disruptions starts with having a disaster recovery plan in place, supported by the best data recovery software implemented. Every organization has to have uninterrupted servers in order for employees to do their jobs efficiently and provide the best service to customers. When an everyday IT disaster strikes, downtime is usually inevitable. The question is when in the day and for how long.

Having data recovery software that will allow you to run your infrastructure while the IT issues get worked out is critical for business efficiency and IT resiliency. Your downtime will be held to a minimum and business can continue to operate as normal.

Get IT All in One Place

At Virtiant, we specialize in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions that meet the cost-conscious demands of today’s growing SMBs. With our all-in-one solutions, you can have the simplicity of managing your BU/DR solutions and licenses in a stand-alone data availability platform.

Our solution can plug directly into your instance VMWare vCenter to facilitate continuous backup and replication. This all occurs quietly in the background, freeing you up to focus on what’s important to you and your business. So when that inevitable IT disruption occurs you can rest easy knowing that your Virtiant all in one solution will quickly spin up allowing your users to continue doing what they do best, transacting business and generating revenue.

See the complete solutions from Virtiant and let us keep your IT running, always.

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