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At War and Peace with IT Disruptions to Your Virtual Infrastructure

by Team Virtiant, on Mar 2, 2018 3:29:06 PM

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Today’s users demand 24x7x365 performance. The list of potential IT disruptions grows on a daily basis. However, your IT budget is getting tighter every year. Something has to give.

If this challenging scenario sounds familiar, then you are not alone. IT professionals throughout the industry are faced with this convergence of diametrically opposed forces. Your users want more, your budget has less and the cyber-barbarians are at the gates. It’s time to arm yourself with the weapons of modern-day IT business continuity that will provide everything you need for immediate availability of your critical systems regardless of the adversaries you face.

Strength through Hyper Convergence

Positioning yourself for the battle against downtime requires that you step into the modern age of software-defined IT infrastructure. You can no longer afford to be anchored to the limitations of fixed capacity hardware defined systems.

One primary benefit of a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is sheer elasticity. This could be beneficial not only for your primary production environment but for your backup and recovery solution as well. This configuration would allow you to avoid costly forklift upgrades to your onsite and offsite environments. Managing the exponential growth of your data becomes more efficient and far less expensive.

Specific to your business continuity solution, HCI simplifies the task of synchronizing your output and backup environments. By connecting your failover environment to your production VMWare vCenter instances you can facilitate regular replication of your production virtual machines with scale-out capabilities when your data continues to grow. When properly configured, this will occur in the background so that you can simultaneously manage the day to day operations of your production systems.

Speed through Layer 2 Extension

Your business continuity solution needs to be able to handle the major disasters, like hurricanes, as well as the everyday IT disruptions that can occur during normal operations. These hardware failures and faulty software patches account for about 95% of all IT disruptions. However, when Mother Nature unleashes her fury, you need to be prepared with an offsite solution.

This is where the power of the cloud or combination of cloud and on-premise can be brought to bear. Both provide scalability, and rapid deployment capabilities make it the optimal approach for off-site business continuity support. Its one drawback, however, has historically been related to latency. Slow response times or delayed access to production systems has been a major challenge for IT managers.

Like everything in the world of IT technology, every challenge breeds new solutions. Such is the case with Layer2 encapsulation as a solution to latency issues. An appropriate cloud deployed business continuity solution should leverage this approach to minimize latency and maximize data transport security.

Setting Up Your Defenses

Armed with these capabilities, we can now take a deeper look at the right characteristics of a sound business continuity solution. In peaceful times, when your production systems are running smoothly, you need to ensure proper backup of critical systems and data.

Gone are the days when you could get by with periodic backups taken during off hours or scheduled downtime. The world of 24x7 productivity requires regular incremental backups. It simply does not make sense to let 5 minutes of downtime revert you back to a Recovery Point that is several hours or perhaps days old.

Continuous backup processes allow you to take incremental backups of each virtual machine image. This includes your applications as well as data. Your administrators can define these backup intervals to occur as often as every 15 minutes.

In days past, RPO and RTO were measured in days. With a business continuity with HCI foundation solution, you can now achieve sub 15-minute recovery objectives while taking advantage of scalability and ability to run on an independent system

Combining Strength and Speed to Defeat Disruption

So how can you arm yourself to consistently defeat disruption in the trenches of daily IT infrastructure management? Perhaps you should consider an all-in-one, stand-alone platform from Virtiant.

Our business continuity solution runs alongside but works independently from your production infrastructure. Plugging directly into your VMWare instance, the Virtiant platform performs replication of your virtual machines at administrator-defined intervals.

Built on an HCI architecture, this fully software-defined solution can scale to meet the demanding needs of your production systems. You also have multiple deployment options that include the scalability and performance you need. Whether you are looking to deploy to the cloud, manage multiple sites or utilize an on-premise approach, Virtiant has you covered.

The Right Solution for Every Business Continuity Scenario

Winning the war against downtime is not always about handling major confrontations in the form of catastrophic events. The skirmish of normal operations often requires the ability to move one or a handful of virtual machines to the failover fast to Virtiant.

Whether you are applying upgrades, resolving network issues or dealing with a natural disaster, Virtiant will defend your production environment with a battle-tested Plan B. You can stay in the fight by recovering and running any failed individual or group of virtual machines. All this simply happens at the click of a button. On your command, you can hot migrate back to your production VMs with all your incremental changes in data present and account for. Better yet, both of these environments, production, and failover, will run simultaneously during your recovery.

Defend your IT infrastructure and your production applications with a cost-effective, all in one solution from Virtiant. Leverage the latest in HCI and cloud architectures in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment that best suits your needs and budget. Visit Virtiant today and defeat disruption once and for all.

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