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What is Recovery Site in the Cloud?

by Team Virtiant, on Apr 19, 2019 8:24:06 AM

Few things bring a smile to the face of an IT Pro like a day without an infrastructure outage in their small to medium-sized business. But disasters do happen and outages occur. This is exactly when SMBs and their IT Pros need an affordable business continuity and disaster recovery solution that will keep them smiling even under the toughest of Circumstances. This is exactly what Recovery Site in the Cloud was engineered to do.

Next generation DRaaS

Recovery Site in the Cloud™ by Virtiant empowers small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) with the capability to protect and ensure the continued availability of their mission-critical applications and data. Enabling businesses to easily safeguard their profits and productivity during unplanned and planned disruptions to their IT environment. It also boasts the first production-like environment in the cloud.

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With Recovery Site in the Cloud™, businesses now have the ability to easily protect, run and recover their primary production site from a secondary production-like environment that mirrors not only their applications and data but also their network settings and security policies through a unique WYSIWYG tool. After all, the best disaster recovery solution for any business is the one that is most similar to their production site. Having all the benefits of a physical secondary site has historically been a luxury that only larger companies could enjoy.

Built for SMBs

There are four primary challenges facing SMBs when it comes to determining their DR solutions needs.

  1. Their production environments are already complex combinations of compute, network, and storage making the recreation of a secondary site difficult.
  2. Recovery times are critical as IT Pros are continually plagued with the loss of one or two elements of network, storage, or compute that can take as long to recover as it does to just fix the failed element.
  3. Finding the time, expertise, and processes to keep a recovery environment in sync with the production environment can be a major challenge for today’s IT Pros.
  4. IT budgets for SMBs are excruciating tight which limits that available funds to cover the costs of a DR solution.

Virtiant understands the complex needs and rigorous demands facing IT Pros. This is why they engineered Recovery Site in the Cloud to meet the challenges facing infrastructural resilience for SMBs. By leveraging the power of the Virtiant Business Continuity Cloud, IT Pros are now able to deploy and start running a Recovery Site in the Cloud in less than 30 minutes.

What this means is that for the first time in history, SMBs can benefit from the same levels of data protection and availability as their much larger counterparts. Plus they can achieve all of this without dealing with the costs of sub-optimal on-premise solutions, settling for a constrained DRaaS option or hassling with the maintenance of a second physical site. Recovery Site in the Cloud brings all of this with no additional software, no additional hardware and best of all, no more compromises.

Incredibly Fast RPTO

If fast is what you require than Recovery Site in the Cloud has you covered. Virtiant has redefined the bar on which DRaaS solutions are measured. You can be back up and running in as little as 15 minutes with both applications and data. Their unique combination of high availability, perpetual data protection, and DR combine to provide lightning fast recovery when you need it.

Virtiant’s proprietary single stack technology provides continuous protection for your virtual machines between your local production environment and the Virtiant Cloud. All of this occurs seamlessly in the background allowing you to easily handle any disruption, whether planned or unplanned. In the event of an outage, you can run in the cloud while your production environment is being rehydrated with data. When this is completed, you simply perform a hot migration and your production transparently comes back online. With uninterrupted virtual machine mobility, Recovery site in the Cloud provides resilience and data availability that will keep end users productive.

If you are ready to experience the future of disaster recovery and business continuity then contact Virtiant today to arrange a demo. With Recovery Site in the Cloud, you can see just how ridiculously easy DR can be.

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